Kickoff written by Helplesslittledog

Cigarette Smoke

Girl with a bad past and a hatred for human touch

Quin let out a breath, watching the smoke flow up and blend into the sky. Her blue-black hair swayed in the wind as her arms became riddled with goosebumps.

"Quin! Over here!" Quin's cold, brown eyes caught sight of Leah, her best friend since kindergarten, jogging towards her with her frail hand waving through the air. Quin let out a final breath of smoke and slammed her cigarette into the ground.

When Leah slowed down, she bent down and placed her hands on her knees, her chest heaving.

"Leah," Quin waited till she had the red heads attention before she continued, "you're on the track team. How are you out of breath already?" There was a hint of a snicker in Quin's voice.

"Shut up," Leah giggled. She took a deep breath and held it until she was standing straight. "C'mon. The boys are waiting."

Leah latches her arm onto her friends, but Quin forces her arm out of Leah's hold, a feeling of disgust rolling through her.

"Oh, shit, sorry, Quin," Leah apologized, backing
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away with her hands up. Her eyes held pain as she watches Quin pull out a cigarette.

"You're fine, Lee. Small mix up. Let's go." Quin lit the cancer stick and took a deep breath of the smoke, the feeling burning her lungs and reminding her that, sadly, she was still alive.
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