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The Reality.

People often live a world filled with expectations

That's the case for American families. I came from an Asian family. In my family, life is tough. We don't go by love your friends, love your enemies. We go by use your friends, burn your enemies. It's the survival of the fittest. You wake up 4 am in the morning to run around the house twice to build those abs and win that marathon so that you can get into one of those ivy leagues. For breakfast, a bowl of screws and nails to keep your heart and body strong from all the slaps and rattan sticks you'll get from your parents for every grade point you lose below 90. Then, the parents walk you to the car, get into the car, and just before you enter the car, they shut it close in your face and start the car. That's when you start on running again to
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build your abs and train your body to beat your other Asian friends in the debate competition that you'll be getting into in the late morning. I finally caught up to the car running at 34.2 km/hours, which translates to 9.5 meters/second. My parents want me to beat the fastest man on Earth, Usain Bolt, so they do this regime of making me run after the car everyday to school as they increase the speed by 0.1 meter/second by the week to slowly adjust and adapt my body like a machine. This is currently my 65th week (truestory). We started at 4 m/s. I finally reached the school doors, just in time for the debate competition and my mouth gaped open from the reality that I saw.
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