Kickoff written by TheTypeWriter21

The Reality.

People often live a world filled with expectations


The happy family is not what you think it is. You may see a family smiling through all the hardships or perhaps even in the smallest thing. But what makes a family, not a family?
The seconds of not giving your trust or the time you lost your inspiration towards them. Some thoughts may be a little too much for us to think, especially in these small complicated situations. It's funny when i was asked '' Family or Friend? '' I was in 11th grade that time when my English teacher raised her question towards me. Everyone looked confused and started to think about what their answer would be. I was shocked by my own withdrawal of answers. ''Family'' is what my lips uttered. I was kind of blanked
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at i answered. I didn't know to start the next line.
I had to remind myself of the moments i had with family. But it seemed a little to blank for me. But one thing for sure reminded me back the past, the hardship we went through. Although i saw my parents suffering through the crisis they went, they never stopped believing in us. That was the difference between what a family is. Once parents stop believing and encouraging their children, everything stops behind. Childrens do understand the situations of parents if one doesn't allow to let us party all night but kids always want to earn their parents trust & encouragement.
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