Kickoff written by Angelnerd124

The Young Knight

A knight battles in war.

The knight approached the battlefield with his sword and shield at hand. His armor reflected the treacherous battle ahead. He walked calmly as if he had nothing to fear and had no distinct emotion on his face. Of the thousands of warriors, few noticed he was present. A warrior of big stature drew nearer to the young knight. The big warrior’s dark black armor was intimidating to most warriors, but the young knight simply raised his bright red shield to deflect the incoming blade. He then slightly lowered his shield and swiped his fine point sword against the warrior’s unprotected arm. A painful gash appeared and he screeched in agony as bright red blood tricked down to his gloved hand. The warrior’s once black attire was now luminous red. The younger knight had strong, but light armor in which he acted swiftly and efficiently during battle. The black knight then again slashed his sword towards the knight, but the young knight quickly moved out of the way and struck the black knight’s chest.
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The once big, intimidating knight now lay helplessly on the ground and the young knight continued in the battle of death and blood.
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