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Kickoff written by Angelnerd124 / Follow-up written by Batsayan

The Young Knight

A knight battles in war.

Red was the knight's armor and red was the blood of the fallen ones. Red constituted his strength and red triumphed the repercussion of the war. Thunder raged against the ominous greying sky though frequently drowning in the cries of men and battle. A horde of shining swords and armor chased after the knight and equally all fell aside him unable to decipher where the strike had come from. Though he lacked in numbers for his age, the vigor and sustainability embarked upon his life had been a cause of his feared reputation among the mortal lands.
On the farther area of battle a distinct blue perceived as undertone in scarlet was parting among the warring bodies swinging the metal at lighting speed. The two forces of red and blue were enigmatic
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in their own stance yet both reigned in unlike hostility and practices. The blue knight knew that the confrontation would render only one to be alive, mutilated or not and it would rather be this great war that would end either of their lives. In any other circumstances to meet maybe they would have greeted each other with solace or even friends but under this sustained war neither would even remember the last words fallen from their lips before getting it sealed forever. But he knew better than to meddle with his emotions now and rather compassed his expertness and stealth to battle the harm.
Unpredictably, Human or not, warrior or not, this surely won't be the final battle for either of the them as the red one familiarized the blue one.
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