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Kickoff written by anniewrites / Follow-up written by AMK

Flight 444


My mind was in shambles. What did she mean by that? I looked at her purple sweater and bell-bottomed jeans, her slick back ponytail and star earrings. Ten years she said. Well, she did look like someone straight out of a 2000s music video.
"What do you mean? And how come you can see and hear me and not the staff?" I was frantic, my hands shaking in anger and confusion.
"You," her amber eyes seemed to reflect the blazing fire when she looked at me "you don't remember?"
I shook my head. Then I noticed the people around me - some sleeping soundly in their seats, others reading or jamming to music. What took me by surprise however were their clothes. I saw war uniforms, fresh and crisp, their collars sharp as if they were just ironed, glitzy flapper
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dresses, business suits, and even ballgowns.
"Who is the President of the United States in your time, sir?"
"Umm, Reagan?" It was him, right? Doubt was beginning to creep on me but the woman just nodded.
"Okay, listen. Everyone here, as you've probably guessed yourself, comes from a different period of time. All the way back to when the commercial flight was a thing. The only way you can communicate with anyone is only if your times are not too far away from one another. I was born in '91."
That, it did make sense, right? But then again, it sounded completely ludicrous. I decided to push this information to the back of my mind, I'd dwell on it later.
"And the plane? It can't just-"
"Follow me and I'll show you what I've gathered."
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