Kickoff written by anniewrites

Flight 444


The plane was losing altitude, fast! My ears. Ouch, they hurt so bad. But I had bigger problems in my hands. More like, in the pilots hands. Lets just say, I was really hoping he was good at operating this thing, because, well, the left wing was literally on fire. Ugh, where was the cabin crew? Flight 444… what a cursed number! I heard screaming, but no one seemed to be panicking, in fact everyone was having a really good time. Did no one notice the flames outside? I decided to stand up and check out the front of the plane. What was even happening? Surely someone should've noticed. I strolled rapidly past the economy class, focusing on keeping my balance. No one seemed to notice me. Whatever. I saw a stewardess standing by. Finally. “Hello, excuse me.” I was really confused, I realised my ears had stopped hurting right before I got up from my seat. “Uhhh, hello?!” The lady seemed to be ignoring me. How rude, isn’t this her job? I walked across to
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first class. There was another lady standing there, chatting with someone. “Hi, excuse me.” I said impatiently. No reply. I was in complete rage now. What was happening? Suddenly, a young-ish woman went up to me with a smile on her face. “Hello sir, no need to get angry. No one can hear you. Or see you,” she was talking very calmly.
“What?! What is this even. Flight 444, right? I will have to report that to authorities as soon as we land.” I was very mad.
“Sir,” she was saying it in a very light voice, “Sir, that plane went missing more than ten years ago.”
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