Kickoff written by Rachel

Stop, Look and Listen

When you find another one. Who is THE one?

"You are the boss. Why do I need to be here?" I wanted to kick the gorgeous man in front me. "And why do you have to fire people?"

Marcus just smirked. Realization dawned on me. I settled into the chair

"You just said that to make me come here didn't you?" I accused him. I'm still debating if it is worth it to kill him. He is ruining my life!

"I need you here Sam." He walked to the door and closed it. I left it open so that I can escape immediately. "Why are you at home?"

I just gaped at him. He really is a moron!

"You approved my leave, you idiot! I need a vacation."

"But.." he looked confused. "but we just got back from the beach."

"Correction, we just got back from a seminar that happens to be held near a beach. It's work Marcus not a vacation."

"Okay you can have a vacation but I need you to finish.."

"No!" I know where this is headed. "Do it yourself. I need a life Marcus." I treat Marcus respectably when we are outside but it is a different story
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when we are alone.

"This is important Sam." He demanded.

"You have a lot of capable staff. I am confident that they can do whatever it is that you need." I needed to stand my ground or I will die alone in this office.

"Just reschedule your vacation and let Mona know so that she can fix my schedule when you want it. I'll go with you."

"I'm going on a vacation without you." I snapped at him.

"Why?" He looked like a lost boy and he is giving me a head ache with all the pacing.

Sometimes I can't believe that this guy is ruthless and respected in the business world. We've known each other for more than a decade but I still can't figure him out.

"Because it is my right Marcus. I can have a vacation without you." I took my bag and started to leave.

"Sam." I can hear the panic in his voice.

"I'm serious Marcus. No calls and message or I will resign." I left before he can persuade me.

I finished loading my things in my car when I heard
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my phone ringing. I swear to God. If this is Marcus, I am never stepping foot in his company again.

I sighed when I saw that it is mom.

"Hi mom." I put her on speaker. "I'm heading to George's now."

Martha giggled. "So Marcus' schemes finally failed."

I told her what happened. My family knew Marcus. I owed him a lot. He is like the most protective brother specially when George came into my life. I'm just thankful that George is so understanding.

We never fought and he doesn't get mad even if our date got postponed because of work.

I wanted to make it up to him that's why I'm headed to George's hometown. He is having a vacation there now. He asked me to come but I said I cannot make it. Hope he likes surprises!

After a couple of stops to eat and rest, I double checked the address before I stepped out of the car.

George said I can sleep on their guest room that's why I didn't book a hotel. It will be a great opportunity to get to know his
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family. Everything here is so pretty and peaceful. I took a deep breath. Freedom smells nice.

"Are you a guest of the family?" I didn't notice when she walked beside me. We are both looking at the huge house.

I smiled at the woman. She looks nice. "Yes, George invited me." Technically he did.

"Oh! Are you part of the entourage? You should hurry. It is starting soon."

George didn't tell me that there is a wedding. He might not want to guilt me if ever I am not available. Such a nice guy. I tried to follow the woman quietly.

The woman is right. The wedding is already starting. The bride is already walking to the makeshift altar so I decided to stay near the house. I'll just look for George after the ceremony.

My eyes followed each step of the bride. Her dress is so pretty but she kinda looks stiff. I smiled when George took her hand and kissed it. He really is sweet. Wait!? What just happened?

"George?" I whispered.

The guy at the altar looked at me as if he heard me.

"Samantha?" He started to go to me.

I turn around. I needed to get away. Maybe freedom is not nice after all.

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