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The Walk of Fate

Head Over Heels

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It's the frat boy in the polo and khaki shorts. His smile really doesn't match with the rest of his attire. Melody reddens even more in embarrassment. But she lets herself get pulled up by the boy. She hurriedly pulls down her dress and smooths her hair.

"Careful, now." Melody is about to melt from the warm voice, but he keeps going. "A pretty girl like you shouldn't be walking around university campus wearing this. Dangerous," he finishes with a smirk.

She brushes his hand off of her with a huff. "Yes, I know and thank you," she muttered. "I need to get to my dorm now."

She tries to tottle as fast as possible in her heels and now aching ankle. The boy easily catches up to her within a few strides. He grabs onto her arm, pulling her around
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to face him. "Hey, is that how you thank someone?"

"I did thank you!" Melody protests, too scared to wonder what exactly the frat boy wanted.

"It wasn't genuine," he says with a patronizing frown. "You seem annoyed."

"I have an exam tomorrow. I need to study."

He sidles up to her. "Well, I can help you. I'm an expert in all topics. You can come study in my room."

"No, no thank you," Melody resists, trying to escape from his hold.

But suddenly, he pulls up close to her again. She can feel the heat radiating from his body. "Girl, don't think no one saw what you did last night."
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