Kickoff written by Priscilla Davis

The Walk of Fate

Head Over Heels

Melody tottled down the crowded sidewalk in her four inch stilettos, self consciously tugging and pulling at her skin tight sweater mini dress. The chill of the October night reminded her of her regret for her scantily clad attire. She kept her eyes to the ground, experiencing a full range of emotions, but especially embarrassment, and anxiety about the potential to trip over broken cement. Mumbling under her breath, she began listing the ways she disappointed herself for going out this night.
It was the last time she would take fashion advice from her roommate, and the only time she would be set up on a date. Her roommate's
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idea of finding a suitable mate was primarily based on superficial traits like: Greek letters affiliation, the number of credit cards in his wallet, dimples and chiseled jawlines. Melody wasn't looking for Mr. Forever, but she did prefer to connect on a deeper level no matter how appealing the surface. On top of her failed social experiment, she was worried about a major exam on Monday, and felt the weekend would be better spent studying at the library.
The sounds of the busy street surround her like a fog as she turns onto what is historically known as Alphabet Row, named for the sororities and fraternities that line
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the street adjacent to the University. A burst of laughter and howls spills out of the Kappa Alpha house on the corner. Melody increases her stride as she hurries past the driveway as a jeep filled with drunk fraternity goers hit the curb and sidewalk to come to park in the front yard of the party house. She scowls as a motley crew of young adolescent males pile out of the near wrecked jeep, playfully tackling each other frolicing boisterously, as they made their way to the front porch and inside to the rager. One straggler, in a muscle stretched polo and khaki cargo shorts, sauntered toward Melody, who was crossing the
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street toward the Freshmen girl's dorm on campus. She had decided to put on her favorite sweats and grab her books, and try to make the most out of what was left of her night at the library.
As she steps up to the sidewalk on the other side, all her caution is for not, as she crumbles to the ground. Her vision blurs with tears of frustration and disgust as she attempts to hide her exposure with her wide spread fingers and a well placed clutch. She looks up to see an outstretched hand and a gentle smile.
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