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Kickoff written by Rachel / Follow-up written by fefedove

Her Deepest Wish

A brat that can't have what she really wants

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"Ugh fine," I groan. They don't budge. "Uh, get out so I can change?"

"I'm your father and Hunter has known you forever."

I pout, deciding to use my brattiness. "Oh my god, give me some decency, please! Get out or I'm not getting out of bed."

Hunter mutters something that just makes me roll my eyes.

When they finally leaves and the door slams shut, I fall back into bed with the loudest, most un-ladylike sound I can manage.

Going to brunch with Hunter? I'll be sure to make it the worst brunch ever.

But what should I wear?

Throwing my wardrobe open, I take a look at my clothes. I contemplate just wearing my usual outfit, but I know Father would never let me out the house in that.

No, I gotta let them think I'm going to cooperate and
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then totally . . . not.

Flipping through everything, I get to the dresses that Mother gave me. I've never even touched them before and the tags are still on. But whatever.

I choose a random one - a simple but elegant black maxidress - and pull it over my head.

And now . . . I fling the door open.

Ignoring Hunter's stare, I say, "Come on 'Protector.' Let's get going with our secret brunch."

He gives a low whistle. "Wow, you actually look like a decent female human now."

"Thanks for not calling me a female dog?"
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