Kickoff written by Rachel

Her Deepest Wish

A brat that can't have what she really wants

"What the hell Andrea!?"

Andrea grimaced when she heard her father's booming voice. She knows why he is in her room in.. she looked at her alarm clock and groaned. It is too early!

"It's not my fault. I was just trying to help Fiona from that jerk" She said sleepily and embraced her pillow.

Her head is still throbbing from all the alcohol that she stupidly consumed the night before.

"Get up young lady. We need to talk!"

She knew her parents will find out what happened but she didn't anticipated that they will find out this fast.

"Can we please do this later, Dad?" I tried to make my voice as sweet as possible. "My head is throbbing." Her Dad spoils her and she knows that she can get away with anything.

Andrea is not perfect but she doesn't do anything stupid or something that will get her in trouble. She always knows her boundaries.

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punched the senator's son!"

She spoke too soon.Maybe she IS in trouble but she doesn't regret what she did.

"He is harassing Fiona, Dad. Do you want me to stand there and do nothing?"

"Sometimes I regret allowing you to be so independent." He said while shaking his head.

She is petite and looks vulnerable but Andrea can defend herself. Her father made sure of that since she is their only child.

This conversation really needs to end. She can feel her stomach churning. It might end if she vomit in her dad's feet but she doesn't want to risk it. She might get grounded for the first time and it would be embarrassing to get grounded in her age.

She heard her dad's voice again. When will it end?

"You are still a girl Andy and my baby. You should have let Nate help Fiona."

Andrea can feel her father's concern and she is starting to feel ashamed with what she did. Maybe she really didn't need to punch
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the jerk's face. Maybe she could have asked Nate's help so that her father is not there while her head is throbbing and could vomit in any minute.

My forehead wrinkled from what he said. "Nate who?" I asked. And why am I in my room in my parent's house? She tried to remember what happened last night.

"The one who bought you home." She can almost taste the suspicion in his voice.

Oops! She forgot about that. It is starting to get clear in her head. She saw when he raised his eyebrows. "Oh right, that Nate."

Her dad just looked at her waiting for additional explanation.

She sighed.

"He is Fiona's friend. We bumped into him while in the bar." I am actually a bit annoyed with him. I hope I don't see him again.

"I like that kid. You should know him better."

It's not really a surprise that her dad liked him. He is one of the good guys.

"Sure dad, whatever will make you happy." Or get you out of my room.

"What will make me happy is if you will behave as a girl." He was complaining
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about that since she can remember.

"I thought you wanted a son?"

It is a common knowledge that her dad wanted a son but her mom can't get pregnant again due to complications so they are stuck with her.

Andrea found out that her dad wanted a son when their neighbor, also her dad's best friend died in a car accident.

Unfortunately, the best friend had a son. She heard when her parents wanted to adopt Hunter and it was the first time she rebelled. She asked her parents to choose between the two of them.

Of course, they chose her but they made a compromise. They will not adopt him but they will still care for him.

Legally, they were his guardians. She knows that he doesn't have anybody else so she doesn't have a choice but to agree.

They always clashed. Admittedly, she was a brat but does he need to point it out every time?

Speaking of the devil, she noticed him looking amused in her doorway.

"I heard you punched someone, pixie." There's a hint of laughter in his voice.

"It's none of your business, Ogre." She stuck her tongue out to him.

"You're my business now pixie. Uncle asked my help to make you a lady. You'll stay with me until you behave."

"What?! NO!" They must be joking. Please God.
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