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Kickoff written by Rachel / Follow-up written by WillMorgan

Her Deepest Wish

A brat that can't have what she really wants

"We're deadly serious, Andy. Maybe spending some time with a man will help to make you a woman. It's time now that you put away these childish things and start getting serious about life." Her father folded his arms authoritatively and stared hard at her.

"Think of me as your secret protector. No one will have to know the truth. We can hang out with my friends. There are some nice girls - better influences than Fiona." Hunter laughed and folded his arms too.

I gagged and vomitted anyway.

They both grimaced and stepped back so that it didn't splash on their shoes. I wiped the sick from my bottom lip with the back of my hand and lay back in bed groaning. "That's what I think of that idea."

Her father rolled his eyes. "This is exactly what
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I'm talking about." He checked his watch and sighed. "You've got twenty minutes to get up, clean this up, get dressed, and get outside."

"Why?" I grumble. "Have you set up a guillotine on the front lawn. If my head feels like this for much longer I'm going to be begging you to cut it off."

"No, you're going to brunch with Hunter and his friends. They're meeting up to say farewell to his friend Dominic, who's just qualified as a doctor. He's flying to Ghana to work with Doctors Without Borders. Hopefully some of their ambition might rub off on you."

"Euch kill me."

He clapped so loudly and suddenly that she sat bolt upright. He was looking at her without any hint of waiver. "That means now Anderea. Get the hell out of bed this minute."
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