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A dark shadow.

A dark shadow controls millions of minds.

Melanie walked away from the empty street and headed to the city.

She was about to control millions of minds and spread the shadow infection by the order from her very own shadow.

In the city, there was a boy named Zion.

He loved writing stories.

He was pretty brave too.
He was young, lived with a happy family, and
was always happy.

But that day, everything changed.

He heard screaming, shouting, and people yelling help.

He tried to ask his mum, but she didn't come home.
Same thing with dad.

Zion felt lonely, sad and worried.

So Zion decided to go off to find his parents.

He packed a two week supply of:

. Water
. Food
. Weapons (a hunting knife and pistol with a reloader which is full.)
. Clothing

Zion was ready!
As soon as he packed up his backpack, he heard loud bangs on the door.

Zion did not think mum and dad was home because they never bang on the door.

So he got out his dads hunting knife and held the knife in front of him.

Zion slowly opened the door and there were bloody-red eyed people trying to make eye contact with him!

Zion quickly ran away, jumped out the window and when he leaped, he felt a hand grab him by the arm.

When he turn his head around there was a boy swinging on a vine!

'I got you.' he said.

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they jumped on top of a house and they introduced themselves.

'My name is Zayden.' said Zayden.

'Do you know what is going on with the world? They are acting strangely and well, looking a little different.' asked Zion.

'I do know. They are infected by a shadow of a girl.' said Zayden.

'What's her name?' Zion said.

'I don't know everything. But, here's what so do. DON'T do eye contact with anybody with bloody-red eyes. That will infect you.' said Zayden.

Zion agreed and they worked together and became friends.

They both believed that one day, they will cure the infected.
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