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War of the Future

World War Three has begun...

We have tracked down the enemy ships with our radar and when we came in sight, we were under attack.

We fought back with all our weapons and might but Russia and Germany combined was just too strong.

Boom! They started throwing Grenades at our ship! Boom!

All of a sudden, one of the crew saw Japanese ships coming towards us.

When one threw a bomb, we knew we were dead but instead, it hit one of the Russain ships instead!

That ship sunk and Russia and Germany retreated just for that time.

Then, the Japanese ships and called out in fluent Chinese: 'We join your team!'

It did sound nice but did sound strange.
So Zayden asked one of the crews who spoke fluent Japanese to make contact with their ship.

'They said they will protect us from the war.'
he said.

'I'll contact the general.' said Zayden.

'The general said we will have to go to San Francisco because they are under attack there.' said Zayden, 'Let's go!!'

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