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War of the Future

World War Three has begun...

One dark night in the year 2100, Germany invaded the United Kingdom, with the United States trying to help.

Russia heard about the war and fought for Germany.
France was also invaded two months after the war started.

This was now World War Three.

There was a young soldier named Zayden and he fought for China.

He was shocked to hear the Chinese Government,
XiJinpin announced on the news that Russain and German forces are invading the army base.

As soon as the news report finished, Zayden got a phone call.

‘Hello?’ said Zayden,
‘This is your general.’ said the general, ‘We are under attack. You have to come NOW!’

Zayden could hear the explosions in the background.
‘I’ll be there as quick as I can.’ replied Zayden.

Zayden drove as fast as he can towards the army base and when he got there, it was a mess and many soldiers were being sent to the infirmary.

‘Has the battle ended?’ asked Zayden.
‘Yes, but we have many, almost ALL are harmed badly.’ replied the general.

‘That seems
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serious.’ said Zayden sadly.
‘Yes. And after the army has healed, we must travel to Europe.’ said the general seriously.

‘Count me in!’ said Zayden very confident.

‘It won’t be that easy.’ said the general, ‘We have many more countries to fight and win the war with the United Kingdom.’

2 days later…

‘Everybody! We are here in Europe. We told England that we will be landing in their loading dock. We will fight until the world is at peace. Be ready for war!!!!!’ shouted the general as we all marched to the war zone.

Then when Zayden looked back, he knew something was wrong.

‘General, why are there only two ships at the loading dock?’ asked Zayden.

‘Not sure. There are supposed to be five. They might be at war at sea. That happens a lot of times in world war 2 so be fine with it.’ said the general.

General! General! Do you copy??! ‘Yes. What is it?’ said the general as he grabbed out his walkie talkie. We are under attack! We need a backup!!!

Zayden knew he had to help.
‘Sir! I’ll
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go for help. I’ll take 500 soldiers and I’ll go on a ship.’

‘Are you sure? It seems dangerous.’ said the general.

‘I’m sure. Our team needs us.’ said Zayden with courage.

‘Okay. You! Go with Zayden.’ ordered the general.
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