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Book written by El Spidre

Someone Special

Hadrian deludes himself.

Hadrian was not of the normal sort. Sure he looked like them, he talked like them, and after exercise he stunk like them. But Hadrian was special. At least that's what he told himself. Because if Hadrian wasn't, what was he? Just another face in the crowd, just another bean in the burrito, Just another scale on the drake. But Hadrian kept on telling himself that. And someday's, he even believed it.

But one day nothing he told himself would work. Because he saw her. She was, to put it bluntly, the epitome of earthly beauty. Her hair shone in the smoggy city sun, her face always bore a smile that stars would be jealous of. And most importantly, she wasn't alone. So, Hadrian resigned himself to watch.
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Watch as she walked away, watch as she left him in the dust, watch as the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his grubby eyes on, walked away.
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