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Book written by Gracelyn314

Opposites Attract

A Messy (and more realistic) Love Story

Ezra Mason was sick of being attacked just because he was gay. Every time it happened he told himself that he was going to stand up for himself, but in the end, he never does. As he walked back to his dorm, he was fuming. Furious at the bullies who constantly bother him, Furious at himself for not standing up for himself, and just all-around angry. But he was also on the verge of tears. It hurt, the things they said about him. And no matter how often he told himself that he didn't care, if he was really being honest, it tormented him. And he also knew why. His parents refused to believe him, they said it was a phase. He felt cliche every time he went, "It's not a phase mom!" and he always scolded himself for it. He wanted people to just accept him, to see that his sexuality was not the only thing defining him. He was also a Musician, a Friend, a... a... well. He wasn't really sure who he was yet, and that was hard as well.

He climbed the stairs three at a time and flung open the door
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to his floor. As he hurried down the hall, he stared down at his shoes refusing to look at anyone. He slowed down a bit, deciding that he was safe, not needing to run. He still kept his head down and just when he got towards the end of the hall, he ran smack into someone else. He staggered back a little disoriented. A voice apologized quietly, and Ezra looked up. He saw another guy, with dark brown hair and tanned skin.

"I'm sorry. My bad," The other guy said soft but firm.

"Oh no, it was my fault. I wasn't looking where I was going, I should have," Ezra started. The guy looked him in the eyes, and Ezra saw that they were a soft but bright turquoise color. He faltered. "I... um. I should have watched where I w-was...." He sighed. Shut up Ezra, you sound like an idiot.

"I'm Oscar." He held his hand out. Ezra shook it.

"Um... Ezra." He murmured, scolding himself for yet another mistake. Oscar nodded and smiled slightly.

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"Hope I see you around." He said. Then he walked off down the hall, his nose buried back in his book.

Ezra pulled out his dorm keys and unlocked the door. He entered his dorm and nodded at his roommate, Jessie, who was lying back on his bed/couch. Jessie looked at Ezra for a moment. A moment of surprise crossed his face and he smiled and sat up.

"Hey! Ez, my man! You met someone!" He said excitedly.

"I meet people every day Jessie, its part of being a human," Ezra grumbled.

"You're as red as a tomato. You met someone you like. You should go ask him out!" Jessie exclaimed. He tossed his pillow at Ezra.

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Ezra grinned. Jessie always knew how to get him smiling again. "Fine. Yes, I met someone, yes he was cute, and yes we talked. But not for long." Jessie burst out laughing. Ezra grinned.

Maybe it wasn't so bad after all.
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