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my first book in a little poem

Ever wonder what comes around when your asleep so snug and sound. When above the floorboards creek but nothings there when you go peek. Then gather round for I might say what really happens near Christmas day. Knock knock knock whos at the door open it up we’ll see for sure. Oh, my whats this can it be I see a present but no tree. Hold on a moment whats it say open it up on the month of Christmas day. Well ok if you insist but I think I get the gist. It sounds like it might be a shelf wait a minute its an elf. What could it be a boy or girl im just so excited I might just hurl. Well, it’s a girl and she’s quite skinny I think we should name her Minnie. I think that name fits her look but first, we should read her book. We’re done with that now what comes next oh that’s right its time to rest. When we awake she will be hiding and we’ll find her when we’re done writing. Mom and dad say that it’s quite strange but me and sis call it a game. Every day shes somewhere different maybe she is in
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the kitchen. Minnie is watching so be on a compliment goal or else for Christmas, you’ll just get coal. Hey, big brother look at me oh no sis don’t touch Minnie. Remember that if you do she’ll lose her magic then Santa Claus will not like you. So now boys and girls you know the truth behind the noise that has no proof. But please don’t worry have no fear for your elf will be back next year (Merry Christmas everyone)
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