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my first book in a little poem

Its been a whole year since we've last seen Minnie my sister keeps saying that she's just so pretty. when I woke this morning I did nothing but stair because there was Minnie sitting on the chair. I yelled for my sister my father and mother because it looks like she has a brother. His name was Elfy and he talked all funny he wrote us a letter saying he sits on a shelfy. I was so happy now we have too at least I was until he took a poo. when I walked upstairs and slapped my watch on my wrist there he was craping chocolate chips. now don't get me wrong I thought it was funny but not so much as for the bunny. yes, trust me it is what you think i got out the shower and it pooped in the sink.
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The bunny that is right we should get back to the elves last night I could hear them playing with bells. But as always I found nothing there except for the fact elfy grew hair. right there on his face, his hair was so thick and it was so soft it felt like a chick. It was tempting not to shave it off because if I go touch it his magic is lost. The next day I woke up and saw elves dressed like ghosts with a used handkerchief and it was just gross. now you won't believe me but I know its true last night me and sis heard an ACHOO. I don't think im on the nice list for when I said bless you I heard a little voice that said thank you. Boy that was dumb revealing my secret I just hope you know how to keep it. It's now Christmas eve and I said my goodbyes and for the rest of the year we'll live normal lives
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