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Kickoff written by Joanna Michal Hoyt / Follow-up written by WillMorgan

Alarms and Subversions

or, The Way It Might Have Happened

I swallowed hard and stepped back.

The voice was ethereal, and it wasn't asking in the vague way that suggested whoever belonged to didn't know I was there.

I tried not to breath, but the hammering of my heart was forcing the breath in and out of my lungs anyway.

'Let me in,' It whispered again.

Then it moved, just the slightest quiver, but utterly undeniable. Whatever was beyond the door had put its hand around the handle and was testing it. I stared at the deadbolt, wondering how much force it would take before it buckled. I'd heard the rumor of 'them', but could it really all be true?

I cursed myself. Such a technophobe. Why didn't I enable the alert? I would have given myself more time. Time to prepare.
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'I know you're in there,' The voice said again, low and hushed, but as a clear as the chiming of a bell.

I shivered and traced my way backwards down the hall, not daring to take my eyes from the handle.

'Where are you going?' The voice asked.

My hands hit the frame of my bedroom door and I turned, pouncing onto the bed. Quick, shaky hands fumbled for the bedside draw. The useless junk was shoved aside as my fingers felt for the little hole. I found it and pulled up the false bottom. In seconds, a click rang through the house. Locked, loaded, cocked.

The barrel danced in the half light. I kept it pinned on the door through the hall, fingers tight and ready. I took a breath and narrowed my eyes, drowning in the silence of the just-before.

'Come and get me.'
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