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The White Snake

Brothers Grimm - Translation Lucy Crane (1886)

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Ms. Macintosh set down the book. "What do you think will happen next?" she asked the children with bright and shining eyes.

A redheaded child with curly locks and freckles raised his hand.

"Yes, Bobby?"

"I think the servant will apologise to the ants," he answered. "But I think that's dumb."

"Oh?" Ms. Macintosh replied. "Why is that so?"

"Ants are tiny and they are everywhere. It's impossible to avoid them. You can't even feel if you accidentally squash them and they are dead."

"I think the ant king will tell his guards to tie him up!" another child put in.

Ms. Macintosh gave a warm smile at the children's thoughts. "Then, let us continue with the tale."

"Please accept my apologies." The servant bowed to the ant-king genuinely. He
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then directed his horse to change its path, leaving the ant-king's territory untouched.
"Thy kind heart is well received," the ant-king called out.

The servant went on with his journey, riding through exotic lands and vast, open space. Verdant grasslands melted into sandy dunes, and he came upon an oasis community.

The people there greeted the newcomer curiously. He graciously accepted their gifts of fresh water and their invitation to the celebration at night.

During the feast, he drank wine with the tribal leader. But as he enjoyed the berry-colored drink, a small voice spoke to him. "Careful! There is poison and ulterior motives!"
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