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Hold my hands

Submission 1 - Girl's Introduction

Every story has a beginning, whether in a park or on the road. However, in my case, my story is complex and hard to understand. I never imagined that my experiences with someone named Aras would affect me so profoundly. Whenever I thought of Aras, I felt nothing but hatred. I couldn't shake off the anger, and it caused me to feel weak and powerless. It was like a feather being crushed by passersby on a hot day, but my pain was even more severe. Everything started on the first day of high school orientation, which was a fresh start for me after struggling with my past. I was excited about making new friends and put all my effort into achieving this goal. However, I met someone who hurt me so profoundly that it shattered me into a million pieces. I'm still trying to pick up those pieces. As I approach my final year in high school, I want to remember every moment, the good, the bad, and even the painful ones. Unfortunately, this person, who I can't stop thinking about, seems present in all
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my memories.
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