Kickoff written by Jazmin_G

I Sincerely Hope

Zoni is born half demon in a world of angels.

They never let me speak in a place like this. Where the darkness of the world is hidden by white beams of light radiating off of the skin of those around me.
In a place where the sun is below and warms the air beneath our feet, and the air is full of fine dust and radiation. This place where the word "demon" is a sin.
"Zoni," my guardian calls. Her sharp words pull my eyes towards her.
"You've been summoned."
Upon the day of my eighteenth birthday, I am to be "fixed" so that I may never spread the genes of a demon in Utopia, if I make it that far. Today, my life is to be challenged, put up for a vote like a fattened cattle.
I nod and watch the soft swish of my guardian's feathered wings.
I follow behind slowly on foot, choosing to keep my wings hidden away behind the binding of my clothes.
As we exit the room and enter the main hall of the courthouse, I feel the stares of those around me.
A few whisper between themselves about my fate, "will she be executed? Eighteen
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long years of her hideous form in Utopia! They owe it to us."
Another utters even more disgusting words, "I sincerely hope they dissect her, so we can see how to destroy the demons Downunder."
I shake off their words. Putting on the bravest face, squaring my shoulders with my head held high.
Guardian Cho opens the doors, and a blinding light pours out in front of me. I swallow down the nervousness flipping my hardly-filled stomach.
"Enter Demoness," Calls the Forefather Luke.
I step inside the courtroom. All in a circle are pews filled with shining beings, with light eyes, and heavy glares.
Wings flutter in anxiousness as they peer down on me.
The head of the council, Forefather Luke, sits in the center of it all on a tall throne. At his left is his civilian representative, and my only chance of surviving past this meeting.
Airan Blue, a once fallen angel who spent the bulk of his life on Earth communing messages between demons, humans, and angels.
His black eyes stare deeply at me,
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and his black feathered wings dip low beyond his seat, hanging limply as if in pain. Though his face does not show it.
I am reminded of the time we once shared.
Not too long ago during the solstice, we had come across each other under the tree of knowledge, it was there I learned there was something so special about the relationship between two people.
I learned that in a place as cruel as this one, there were good people.
Would he be honest here, and kind until the end?
I sincerely hope that today is not the end. I hold on to the hope that he will be the deciding factor, and let me live.
I want to live!
"Under today's watch from above, we are all in attendance in regards to the life of our resident demoness, Zoni Hilde. Her mother, Morissa Hilde was executed nearly eighteen years ago for opening a rift between Downunder and Utopia. As such, this is no fault of Ms. Hilde but she is a byproduct of this rift. Half angel, half demon. Because of this, we are presented with one question,
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shall we allow this hybrid to live on to maturity? Or shall we smite her where she stands and rid ourselves of any potential ill fate associated with her, and her kind?"
Each word that leaves his withered lips, leaves icy stabs in my heart.
It was not my choice to be born, not my choice to open a rift, not my choice to be a hybrid. It was not me, not my choice.
Yet, not one person in this room really thought like that, did they?
"Ms. Hilde, you have one chance starting now to reason with why we should spare your life. Chose your words carefully."
I take a bow and center my eyes on the cross atop the throne of our Forefather.
"As you know, my name is Zoni Hilde. I was born under Marissa Hilde an angel who was once widely respected here for her loving, deeds. But what you don't know is who my father is, I have withheld this information because it never served a purpose before. I believe if I was to tell you, then my life would be of worth. But if I die today just know there will be war in Utopia
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