Kickoff written by Angeline

Goddess of Ice

An aloof, untrusting girl

Some call me crazy. And honestly? I don’t blame them.
Some call be cranky, a bad-tempered bat with a barrel-load of spite kept inside the boundaries of my heart. That is, if they thought I had one. Some would argue that I’m more aloof rather than mean—when they kiss my cheeks with warmth from their lips, they freeze from the unbearable cold.
Others, they call be spiteful. A slut. A player who moves on from boy to boy.
But that’s not who I am. At least, not entirely.
I’m Maddie Johnson. Contrary to popular beliefs, I do have a heart, with which I will spin the golden straw for this story. What I am about to tell you will be unlike any other story you’ve known.
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