Kickoff written by The_Jedi_Half-Blood

Travel Restrictions

A couple is told their passports are not valid

Rose leaned on the railing of the small yacht, serenely watching the shoreline drift closer and closer. Stretching upright she spun and made her way up to the bridge of the ship.
“We are almost at the French border!” Rose exclaimed to her husband Frank who was navigating the vessel.
Frank turned to her with a smile, “Exciting right? Who would have thought it would take so long for us to get the proper paperwork to travel across the channel.”
“How soon until we arrive?” Rose questioned while bounding over to the large window.
“About a half hour, it shouldn’t take too long to get through customs. So we should be able to find a nice restaurant to eat at tonight.”
“Well I’ll go get ready for that then,” Rose said as she excitedly left the room.

~ ~ ~

“Passports please,” Asked the monotone voice of the customs official.
Frank and Rose hand both of the small red documents over. Taking them, the customs official looked at the passports in confusion
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before looking back up at the couple.
“You do realize that these aren’t valid passports.” The official said in annoyance.
“What do you mean that they’re not valid? They have to be! We received them a few days ago.” Rose exclaimed in confusion.
“This country, EnGland, does not exist, sir. I would appreciate it if you would give me the proper travel documents.”
“What are you talking about? England is a very real country!” Frank exasperatedly replied.
The official pulled out a map and slid it over to Frank. “Then could you please point out this so-called country on the map.”
Frank and Rose looked at the map in confusion.
“There’s France, Belgium, and Germany.” Rose pointed out on the map.
“And Ireland and Wales,” Frank named off.
“But where's England?” They both questioned while looking at the empty spot on the map.
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