Kickoff written by Kazeronnie Mak

The only one who truly shares my...

The people we meet in our lives. They come...

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The only one who truly shares my entire life with…….

The conversations between a professor and a student in the evening class some time ago.
The professor said to the students, “Let's play a game. Who'll be the volunteer for it?”
Someone came forward, her name was Galaxy.
The professor said, “Please list the 20 most important names in your life on the blackboard!”
Galaxy listed her family, her friends, her colleagues and her neighborhood………
The professor said, “Please delete the most unimportant name to your consideration?”
Galaxy deleted one name of her neighbors.
The professor said, “Please delete one more?” Galaxy deleted one name of her colleagues.
The professor went on the same requests.
Galaxy kept on the deletion, until the last three names were left on the blackboard.
They were her parents, her husband and her son. The atmosphere was really quiet in the class. All the students gazed at the professor and Galaxy silently and they sensed that was not just a game anymore.
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The professor said to Galaxy calmly, “Please delete one name?”
Galaxy hesitated to make the difficult choice… She deleted the names of her parents.
“Please delete one more?” said the professor.
Galaxy was startled. Trembling with her hand, she slowly and firmly deleted the name of her son. After that, she cried out painfully.
The professor let her rest for a while and asked, “The closest ones should be your parents and your son. Your parents are the ones to nurture you. Your son is the one you gave birth to. And you can find a new husband again. On the contrary, why is he the most important one?”
It was stone quiet in the class. And everyone waited for her response.
Galaxy calmly and slowly said, “As time elapses, my parents will pass away before me. Surely, my son will also leave me when he grows up. The only one who truly shares my entire life with - - - MY HUSBAND - - -”

All the students stood up to applaud for her in a great excitement.
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  • Kazeronnie Mak

    Kazeronnie Mak inspired :

    The people we meet in our lives.
    Some stay for awhile, some stay forever.
    But, who is the only one truly to share your entire life with???



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