Kickoff written by Agmiller2025

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Harper finds a light flowy lavender wrap dress.
She takes it to the dressing room and locks the door. She slowly pulls down her romper and looks at her boney body. She takes her hands and with the thumb and middle finger she puts them around her thigh. They touch and Harper smiles, she likes this feeling of control.
She picks up the dress and unties it. She wraps it around her body and ties it. Even when she ties it to the tightest it is still a little big for her. Harper pops her head out the door and calls a worker over.
“ Hi, could you get me an extra small one in this dress?” Harper askes. The man nods his head and walks away. She closes the door and brushes the hair out of her face.
A few minutes later there is a knock at the door. She opens the door a crack and the man is standing there with the dress. She reaches her arm out and grabs the dress. Harper closes the door and locks it again, she unties the new dress and ties it on.
She looks in the mirror and smiles. After leaving
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the dressing room she goes to find her friends. She finds Kayla at a magazine stand. Kayla holds out the magazine with a picture of a model in a swimsuit and points.
“ I want to look like her!” Harper nods and looks around. She sees Olivia walking towards them. Olivia has the cart with the party things and Kayla and her dresses.
They check out and get back into the car. A few hours later the girls have finished setting up for the party. Harper walks over to the girls and smiles.
“ Ben and his friends should be here any minute,” Harper smiled and walked into the kitchen. She looked at the food on the trays and bags. She pulled the solo cups out of a bag and set them next to the cooler on the floor.
The doorbell rang and Harper's stomach turned. She was excited but nervous, this was the first party that she had thrown. Kayla opened the door and Ben and his friends walked in. Copper and Alex are his best friends. Ben walks over to Harper and kisses her forehead.
“ Hey, how are you, babe?”
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Harper asks, smiling up at him. He smiles and gives her a few more kisses on the head and walks into the kitchen.
“ Hey, you remembered my favorite food,” Ben says to the girls pointing to the crockpot of mac and cheese. Harper nodded her head and looked around. Alex and Copper are sitting on the couch and Olivia and Kayla are sitting next to them. Harper takes Ben’s hand and they sit on a recliner in the corner of the room. They all talk and laugh for a while. More of their friends start to show up. She makes her rounds talking to people and socializing with people. At some point, Ben takes her arm and starts to dance with her. He spins her around and around until she has to stop him from being so dizzy. She grabs a cup of water and starts to walk over to Ben. The room is still spinning even after a few minutes. She couldn't feel her legs and Harper collapse. Her head hit the ground and everything went black. Harper’s eyes flicker open and she could hear faint beeping. The room was blurry
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and she was loopy. She looks around and sees she is hooked up to some IV. A nurse popped her head in the door and smiled at her. Harper just stared at the ceiling. “ I will tell Dr. Matt you are awake sweety”. She said before closing the door and her footsteps faded away. A few minutes later the door opened again and a middle-aged, well-built man came walking in. He grabbed a chair, sat down next to her bed, and pulled a pen from his white coal.
“ How are you feeling? You hit your head pretty hard when you fainted,” He said to her. Harper shrugged and turned her head to face him. “ How are you feeling? You hit your head pretty hard when you fainted,” He said to her. Harper shrugged and turned her head to face him.
“ There is something we need to talk about, you are very underweight, and looking at your medical history this is something new, why have you lost so much weight?” He was looking at Harper with a powerful stare. Harper looked away and back at the ceiling.
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