Kickoff written by ITSmeONCEagain

Were Nothing Roams

The first book to My Paradise

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The Sun rose on the desert as the darkness that consumed it ran in safety. The waters that once rushed there were now dead and silent,the leaves that would fall to the ground and the trees that would stand tall were dead too. All you could see were the waves of sand that would never move,you could feel the pain in your feet as they stabbed you.You could taste nothing but sand and pain in your throat screaming for water.You could feel the sun's heat beating you and pushing you down.
You feel the sun's heat suck every inch of energy out of you. The whole day is like this until the sun rests on the horizon, and the rabbit face moon comes and wakes up the animals. The moon's soft light shines as the darkness comes from their safe haven.
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The waters run back into place as trees grow with the leaves falling. Your throat is calm. Since you drank the cool water you rested under the shade from the trees you could not see sand but only flowers and grass. The stars twinkle as you count them. his can't be the dessert you walked through earlier can it? You wake up to animals running through fields of wheat. You take off your shoes and you run with them. Your dress flows in the wind as it shapes a place for you to lay if you sit there for a while. You can hear the wind sing and the waters Harmonize. the sweet sound of nothing. no fear creeps on to you, no stress of yours keeps you awake. You don't need to follow the rules because they don't matter. You feel nothing, not even happiness, just nothing...and you love it.
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the moon shines above you now you sit there wondering what you do next. then you see lights shine in the distinct,not stars but house lights. you run up to the house then you find a hole village of people living their lives they invite you in for sit at their table as they give you coffee and muffins. They talk of distant lands as if they dont know there's a whole world out there. You look out their window as you see kids playing,people working and actually living. What is this place? you ask where's the desert and the death? they look at you and then look outside their window. We are in a place. not here,not there but everywhere. you only get to see it once when you believe we are in a place things are not limited to what you want but what you deserve. to you this is a pridies to someone else this is a land of hate,death and lifelessness. were nowhere physically but were everywhere spiritually. they smile at you. then look at the moon.They gasp as they run out side into
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the village. The Sun shout. Everyone runs into the trees. You walk out confused as the moon sets and as the sun rises. you look out at the fields as they turn into sand. the trees become dead so do the leaves.the waters dries and your left there again in that dessert of nothing. you look at the sun and then you continue walking. Was it a dream or hallucination but then you see a soccer ball on the ground? The kids were playing with it.then she found the hay that was on the roof of the house. no it was real you think you grab the ball tight as you continue to walk through the sand. you leave the dessert and find help but you wish to go back. that place...that heaven...that spiritual place...where you felt nothing...but i felt everything...what was it?
the name. Nowhere...but everywhere...death but paradise. Nothing you decide. it just was and it will always be. You dream that night that you were there again. and it felt good. some night it's on the moon some nights it's in the dessert but you know it's out there somewhere but you need to find it. but you never get to. reality keeps putting you back in place. so all you can do is dream of the haven...dream of that nothiness...dream of it.

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