Kickoff written by SleepyChair

Personal Essay final draft

My essay for school

I think online school was a mess for everyone. It felt as if each day was the same. Wake up, stumble through my classes, Try and do homework, and lay around. I barely felt like I was even really learning anything, just doing busy work. I missed actually knowing my teachers and having a relationship with them. Same with my classmates, who I knew so well before seemed like strangers.
And that’s how life felt until we started to work on our internships. While looking for possible internships I either wanted to do something where I could work from home, or find an opportunity in a medical field. After digging up nothing from my searches. I was desperate for really anything, that’s when my girlfriend, Myra told me about a possible internship possibility. I’ve been interested in gardening and had experience helping take care of my Dad’s chicken coop, but nothing besides that. The internship was at Coastal Roots Farm. I’ve always wanted to learn a
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bit more about gardening, but working on an actual farm? Next thing I know I’m preparing for my interview for my internship at the farm. Now I’ve never interviewed for something like this before. At twelve o’ clock I'm pacing around my room answering potential questions . Of course I nailed it and somehow got accepted.
On the first day at the farm, we were given a tour of the farm. Then we got to help the education staff with some of the kids that came to visit the farm. We were also taught the values of the farm and how they feed families that can’t afford organic food. The next day we were given a bunch of baby plants to plant and that pretty much summed up the week.
After that first week of work on the farm, I could feel a change in myself. From staying inside all day to actually going outside and working all day. While in the beginning it was pretty hard to adjust to that type of work, I noticed a huge shift in my life. Before, I didn’t really care about
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anything and just left school whenever I wanted, but now I felt like I had a purpose on the farm. Even though it was hard work, it gave me something to look forward to and always knowing that my work is actually helping to feed families. This grew a sense of pride, and purpose for me
The last half of my internship focused more on the summer programs for the campers. When I was signing up for this internship I assumed that the kids would be around ten or eleven. Wrong again. These kids ranged from about four to eight. Now I have three younger brothers, but this was a whole new ball park. The first thing I would see in the morning was a swarm of little kids running at me with hula hoops. The rest of the day would be filled with screaming and snacking on freshly picked vegetables. It was exhausting, to say the least. I really feel for all the elementary and preschool teachers. That takes some serious power of will because I would come home everyday and literally collapse. While
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we did have some trouble makers, I really enjoyed my time with the kids. They would tell me about what they wanted to be or they would just talk about the most random things.
Although it was exhausting coming home from the farm, I got to work with some of the best people I’ve met while doing work I genuinely enjoyed. I got to feel like ,in some way, I made a difference in someone's life.I’m so thankful for everyone at Coastal Roots farm for letting us work there and the school for offering us this opportunity.
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