Kickoff written by pakeng_beach

Glimpse of the Shadow (Boy's Love)

A boy experienced false hope.

February of 2015, when the morning breeze was still cold, was one of the remarkable months of Franklin's Junior High School years. It was the Foundation Month of their school, which has a lot of non-academic activities. During the preparation, a week before the big event, Franklin was secretly stalking his crush, Carl Jan Warren. You would see the handsomeness of Warren when wiping out his sweat. The sweat of hard work practicing their entry for the field demonstration. He suddenly looked at Franklin's place, sitting at the corner of the classroom. Warren slightly showed his smile and winked. Franklin's face turned red quickly and, he covered his face immediately with his hands. Looking in between his fingers, Warren continued to focus on their practice. Sometimes, Franklin would laugh because Warren could not execute the dance steps properly.

Afterward, Warren and their other classmates take their break. Warren sat in the vacant chair beside Franklin. He looked side to side and stopped
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at the face of Franklin. He initiated the conversation, "Frank, what are you going to do tonight?" Franklin's heartbeat pounded fast when he replied, "Nothing." "May I call you tonight?" Another question of Warren. Franklin wanted to scream at that time as his heart was like competing with other racer cars. He says yes to Warren.

Franklin did not forget what Warren said to him on that day. He was happily walking on his way home, remembering every second of their conversation. After dinner, the atmosphere was cold. Franklin was lying at his bed, patiently waiting for the message of Warren. The phone rings and Franklin jumped out in his bed and reached his phone immediately because of his excitement. He answered the call. "Did you already have dinner?" Warren asked. "Yeah, how about you?" Franklin answered while blushing, hiding his romantic excitement. Following a couple of seconds, Warren abruptly whistled Ed Sheeran's song Thinking Out Loud. Franklin was shocked, and he could not move
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like freezing water because of the cold air. But Franklin felt the warmth because of the whistle. "Wait, my mom was calling me." Excused by Warren, and he hung up the call. Franklin rolled in his bed continuously and screamed to his pillow.

The big event, the Foundation Day — everyone came early to school for the last-minute preparation. Franklin was lovingly cherishing the night that happened between him and Warren. Little did he know, Warren gave a rose and stuffed toy to one of their girl classmates. When Franklin's eyes captured the scene with Warren and the girl, Franklin swiftly covered his mouth. Before the tears burst into his eyes, he quickly ran toward the comfort room. Warren did not bother to look back. Franklin could not believe what he saw a while ago. He got back to the classroom and acted like nothing was happening.

The same day, that night, Franklin never again felt the warmth of concern and love of Warren. His heart shattered into broken pieces. Franklin could not stop
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himself from crying because of what Warren did to him. Franklin realized Warren was not smiling and winked at him but to the girl after the chair beside him, at the classroom's corner. And Warren let Franklin hear the whistle for him to perform it well to the girl. Franklin committed the mistake of hoping a straight guy could fall in love with him. After all, he could not blame Warren. It was the glimpse of the shadow that until now tailing with him. A broken hope and a broken story. The story without happily ever after.
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