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Kickoff written by seasonsofsproll / Follow-up written by TiredHuman

The Fall of Heaven

Heaven has fallen. God is dead.

He stood on a frozen lake. The air was freezing cold—a single breath, a feather of a touch and the cold would seep in and turn your heart to ice. There is no fire in Hell. Fire belongs only in Heaven, its righteous light leading His army to justice. Or... that's how it had been. How it WAS. Before His death. But now the icy breeze that ruffled their feathers carried with it the smell of smoke. He shifted, falling to his knees at the wake of the fire in front of him. The first fire in Hell since the dawn of time. His wings—dark, curled and sharp unlike the soft angel wings of his brethren—twitched at the unfamiliar feeling of warmth. "So it's true," he whispered.

Tahra found the courage to speak. "Yes brother. He has fallen."
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He turned, his face lit up by the dancing light behind him. "Tahra darling!" He beamed, "And here I thought you left behind all that unpleasant 'brother' nonsense behind! After," he cocked his head, "You watched me Fall. Something about not associating with traitorous scum...?"

All that was heard was the cackling of the fire, somehow burning without melting the ice where it stood.

He burst out laughing. "You're too tense! Father must've really kept you on a tight leash, you can barely relax on your own! Why don't you come over, sit down." He gestured back at the blaze, "I even built up a fireplace! Fancy s'mores?"

Jegudiel turned to glance at Tahra. "What's going on?" The Devil's eyes flashed toward him. "Who wants to know?"

The air turned colder.
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