Kickoff written by jacew749

Humanity? Brevity? Foolery

A ghost trapped by hunger.

It was cold. I woke up. I left my bed as a ghost and carried myself out to the kitchen. I was hungry. The words in the cupboard were stale, though, so I crept to my parents’ room. I could smell their dreams and thoughts. I ate the color from their minds quickly.
I went outside. I could still see the stars. They beckoned, yes, yes, come with us. So I did. I danced up towards the sky and began to travel among them. Then, the sun burned. The sun burned so brightly that I could not help but toy with it. No, no, the stars cried. Not that way. I held the sun in my hands, the supernova of the century begging for me to incite it. Not yet.
By noon I was ravenous. I plucked the ears from corn and ate the eyes straight from the beans. This did not help.
What is wrong with you?
Nothing, nothing. This is what I am meant to be.
I began to walk through town, sunrise folding to sundown over and over and over with each step. I think I set the sun incorrectly. I heard the birds chime at two, three,
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four o clock. Their mechanics are outdated. I am a ghost. I have no need for time. Will the townspeople notice?
I smiled at the sky as the stars slowly blinked out and turned into a bright blue. It dripped down onto me.. Everything was wet, and I swam in it. I jumped in puddle lakes and caused entire town ant hills to crumble under the sky’s weight.
I was still hungry, so I took all the best thoughts from all the best thinkers and ate them whole. But they were colorless and filthy. So I ate the soup sky until the land was a desert. But it was runny and dull. I tried everything. I couldn’t get enough.
At the end of the day, I was beginning to feel tired. I was so hungry but couldn’t find enough. I returned to my house. I returned to my room.
The person lying in my bed had the most colorful aroma I had ever tasted. The people surrounding him thought so too.
He will be my meal.
I am hungry.
Everyone knows that I will be delicious.
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