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Kickoff written by alanallen / Follow-up written by julesberry

Love is debilitating

Love of anything truly is the root of all evil

And, you'd ask me...
'How do you manage to stay sane?'
Some people use coping mechanisms, some others tire themselves through physical effort in order to let go of their mental weight. And some choose a path where they get in touch with their inner being, letting the time flow as they focus on their breathing, feeling what it is to be alive.

Love sounds like the root of it all. But, loving someone doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up messing something up because of it.

Love has a bright side, it connects us, but there's also all the dark, all the pain, all the insecurities we develop through our sometimes toxic relationship with what we THINK of Love.

And that's where the evil lies.
How do you cope with the fact that your mother leaves
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your world?
How do you cope with the fact that your love is unrequited?
How do you cope with the fact that something you loved isn't around you anymore?

That is the 'evil' of Love.
Its rotting roots trying to bury you under the waves of anxiety, depression.
And making you feel like it's where you belong.

The whole fight for Love is to finally understand that Love itself isn't evil or something you have to achieve, but rather something you live with and grow with.
As you learn to make a difference between its meaning and the weeping agony of your insecurities and fears, which make you a human being.

But it's human to love, it's natural to love.
Our stupidity and misconceptions are what make 'Love' debilitating in the end.
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