Kickoff written by Kongque Li Long

The Prisoner

a prisoner who ran away

“The soldiers are coming!”

“Why are they coming here?”

“How would I know? If you wanna know, go ask yourself.”

“If I go ask do you think that I will come back alive?”

“Oh, wait. I saw the palace issued the arrest warrant to capture Li Heijian. Maybe they come here to capture her?”

When someone hears the word Li Heijian she suddenly runs away from standing without knowing why the soldiers come to such a place.

Aiya! this little stupid girl. How could you forget such a thing? It’s okay if the others forget this thing. But you shouldn’t forget it, stupid Heijian.

While she hides at a nook she vituperates at herself. Once upon, she was a named officer. Then what about now? It’s just like y'all see! She is a criminal who was issued an arrest warrant by the palace.

The king of the Heavens, why are your judgments always cruel for me? I don't know whether I will die in the hands of the soldiers or my hand. I only know that I'm not in a good mood. You would know that it's not me who planned
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to kill his highness. But I'm not art so how can I able to endure everything they say? Phew! So tired.

"She's here!"

"Don't run!"

Run... saying of it I can't run anywhere either.

Heijian says on her mind again.

-Three months later-

For the others, three months would pass in a swift, but for Li Heijian three months are so long that she nearly thinks it's been three lives. Today, the palace has sentenced her.

It is death.

For the others, when they hear it, they would be terrified. But when it comes to Li Heijian, she is pretending like she didn't hear anything.

"Hey, did you hear what I say?

"I heard. I'm not deaf."

Because of Li Heijian's unwilling sound, he doesn't know where did his expression go away.

"And I heard that they are going to burn you alive."


"Then I'm going now."


For Li Heijian, it looks like life and death are not her things. It's also right. Her luck was never good since she was a teenager. She didn't know that the things she thought it was lucky
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were the things that would start her unluckiness. So, she was happy. She is over twenty years old now, so it would have been ten years at least. But her fate is still bad. About that bad luck ... hm ... she should blame herself. If there is an opportunity, she wouldn't let it go. Then there's no need for a fortune-teller. She'll be having chaos. But she didn't mind that. This habit which she got since she was young is way too hard to get rid of it. In this case, having the friends asking "What happened?" is not too good for someone who doesn't like to give explanations like Li Heijian. At last, she chooses only not to cry rather than giving explanations. But she can't separate her heart and ears, so she'll just happy when it is about happiness. And she'll be sad when it is about sadness. But there is more about sadness than happiness, so she got trauma and it's not surprising to think that dying is better than living.

If there is a start, there will be an end, too. I'm also too tired of
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For the Li Heijian before, she would say "How quick. I'm thinking it's only about five minutes" because she's buried with works. But now, even she doesn't know how many times she has said "Boring!", "How boring!", "I'm bored to death.". Just like that, it's been evening.

When she first heard that she was sentenced to death, she wasn't nervous, but she is a bit nervous now.

The soldiers take her out of the prison. Then they tie her with a pillar. Her ankles are in the woods. When a soldier is going to burn the woods, an arrow breaks into the field. That arrow seems to be heading to the king. But because of another arrow, it got detoured and stabs the wood pillar nearby. The soldiers are also alerted.


"What good?! If it wasn't for General Wang, his highness is already dead!"

General Wang? Why is he here? He said that he'll come back after the next two weeks.

"Because we captured the leader and the others come here to let us capture them! We don't need t
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