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History of the "Titanoboa"

The Titanoboa is the genus and the world's largest snake and is now extinct. These snakes can grow up to 42ft and can reach a weight of 1,1135 kg! They lived 60–58 million years ago. They lived where is now called La Guajira in northeastern Colombia. They were extinct by the cause of the climax changing and the habitat changing as well. The Titanoboa can reach about 50 mph of speed on both lands in the water and on land.

Henry Garcia?

Henry Garcia was the first to ever discover a fossil that was up to 42ft and weigh 1,1135 kg called the Titanoboa. “Henry Garcia search for river monsters of the Paleocene Epoch began here by accident 18 years ago. when Colombian geologist Henry Garcia found an unfamiliar fossil. He put the specimen in a coal company display case, where it was labeled “Petrified Branch” and forgotten.”

Do they extinct? Where are they now?

The Titanoboa was considered extinct along with the dinosaurs. They say the “fossils of the Titanoboa cerrejonensis were found
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in a a coal mine in northern Colombia in tropical South America. Also, they said the aga of the rocks that were found in is about 58 million years old what was really exciting about the coal mine initially was that it preserved the ancient remnants of a rainforest.”

Scientists believe that the Titanoboa could be still alive in the largest river in the world called the “amazon river.” These creatives can be alive but scientists are not 100% sure yet but it isn't confirmed yet.

Is the Titanoboa harmful to humans?

No, and yes... Just imagine walking in a forset and see a 42ft snake coming your way. Your freaking out feeling like running away but if you did that it can come after you. You see the Titanoboa will only attack if the Titanoboa things ur going to harm them. So all you got to do is calm down and slowly walk away. Also there not venomous so that's good.

If the Titanoboa attacks you what damage can it cause?

If the Titanoboa attack you it can wrap you with it 42ft long body
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and crush you to broken bones. That would hurt.
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