Kickoff written by SaraRight

As It Sleeps

Join Keanu on his first journey!

She flew through the valleys of her snow-capped mountains and over the trees of her forests filled with green, and she flew her whole life, and more came to it than it naturally would to anyone but her, and her wings were like glass, so clear and colorful, like a painting of the sun as it rises and falls so beautifully and much too fast as the day passes so slowly. But one day, a sad day to her kingdom, she flew no more. And her kingdom fell, like the many before it.
She wore the brightness of the sun of nature’s sweet caress, flowers bloomed from her fingertips, she would take out all of the sadness, and leave your frozen heart to thaw, but no one thought to thank her for everything she did. So she thought she wasn’t needed, like how you never think to thank the sun, until it doesn’t rise at all.
As her kingdom slowly fell, as if it was watching a waterfall in slow motion, she fell from the highest tower and onto the ground’s cruel hands. She lay on the ground, blood-soaked
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and dead, her body in pieces, her kingdom stopped to mourn her death. They stood around her, tears in their eyes, and the battle stopped, their hearts had too, and they knelt on the ground, surrendering to the king that led to the north.
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