Kickoff written by Someone_who_rights

The Adventures Of Kailani Rama­rez

A girl with losses and troubles but still survives

Kailani was on her way home from school and she was upset so she was hurrying on her way cause she wanted to talk to her mom. But she had then gotten a call. She had received some devastating news. Her parents had died on their way home from their lunch date. She had fallen on the concrete sidewalks crying and screaming. The people living in the houses from across the street came rushing towards Kailani and had asked her what's wrong repeatedly. She never answered. One of the women standing next to her had heard something from Kailani's phone and the woman had picked the phone up and put it to her ear and said "hello?" and then and there she heard the news dealing with Kailani's parents. She hung up and had removed the other people and pulled them aside and had told the other people standing by Kailani what had happened with her parents. They took Kailani into the woman's house and the lady introduced her self and said "Hey sweetheart, I hear what happened with your parents and I understand
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what you're going through. My name is Elena Rama­rez." Kailani then said, " Wait *she paused in suspicion* do you possibly know a woman named Alba Rama­rez?" Elena responded, " Yes I do that's my mother but she left me when I was your age. How do you know her name?" Kailani said "That's my mom's name, the woman who died. Wait so are you my... To be continued.
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