Kickoff written by AwkwardBiscuit

Sorrowful skies.

A man reminiscing the painful times.

The orange sky that haunted the clouds above, the man stood there fixing his white hair and looked at a mask.
A mask that was originally white, but now it wall all black, with white painted flowers over it.
"You did love your garden, didn't you Lindsley? Well, the school got burnt down and I'm sorry I couldn't save it." The man spoke up as he sat down by the hill.
"Sorry I couldn't get you a grave too. Was a little busy painting the town red." The man sighed, he looked at the mask.

"I remember you asked me why I kept it. I told you it was a past that I'm not proud off. It was white when I showed it to you, but now... Black with the darkened blood of all the people I killed."
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"Lindsley, seems like monsters have been prowling about. I hope you can rest, and forgive me. For all the times I wasn't there for you. They tried to make more of monsters like me. Humans who tried to play God with other humans. Pretty messed up right?" The man placed a ring down to her grave.

"I hope you rest easy, with your family. Today, I have to leave you and maybe forever. I doubt I'll ever find a woman with how busy I will be but if I do. I'll come back and tell you about her." The man said as he put on his mask.

"Specter. We need you, monsters are in the town."
"Specter copies." The man said as he walked away from the hill.
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