Kickoff written by echocat


Diary entries leading up to THE DAY...

October 19th

I just don’t know what to say. My older sister Sarah would tell me to speak from my heart. Blake Andrew might say something incredibly intellectual, possibly from his textbooks, and I wouldn’t understand. I’ll figure it out.

    October 20th

    I still don’t know what to say. Everyone’s gonna be there. Mama and Dad will be watching. Blake and Sarah. Everyone will be watching me, scrawny little Genesis Clarke with my hair down to my waist. As the old saying goes, the show must go on. Most people have mixed feelings about me giving speeches, but I don't mind.

    October 21st

    This time he’s really done it, that hateful creep. Just two days before, and Blake’s gotta chop off my hair until l I look like a boy. How did I not know? I was sleeping like a baby. Oh, I wish I could make him look like little Nancy Kane down the road… with her curls and pretty dresses. Blake Andrew’s always been the troublemaker. I hate him. I truly do.

    October 21st, continued

    I told
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Sarah about my hair and she laughed when she saw me. Then we took Daddy’s scissors and cleaned it up nice so I look presentable. I love Sarah so much, even though she’s fourteen and two years older. I might forgive my little brother.

    October 22nd

    Blake, my lovely 10-year-old brother, and I made up today. He helped me a bit with what to say, and I thanked him dearly. Mama is all set on dressing me up and I agreed, because afterwards we’re gonna get treats at Redd’s downtown. Their vanilla is so creamy, and just… mmm. Delightful.

    The Day

    It’s the day. It's not my first time. No time to write, because we’re going… so excited!
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