Kickoff written by echocat

The Daylight Way

Strange news and a secret society...

"Oh, come on," a tiny Pomeranian said as a slim girl lowered him into a room with many lasers.

He stretched out his legs and leaped towards the precious artifact, only to fall through the air and set off a laser.

"What did you do?" hissed the girl, and alarms went off throughout the room.

The black and white curtains opened, and bright light flooded the room.

"Sorry guys," another girl said. She tapped her watch twice and her outfit changed into a fresh pair of overalls.

"Sunny, you've got another meeting," she said. "Chroma called for you."

"Oh, joys," Sunny muttered, and she, too, tapped her watch twice. 

Her white bodysuit transformed into a navy blue pencil skirt and matching collared shirt. The small dog looked at his watch, and began to change into a boy again. 

"Okay, let's go," he said to Sunny. "I think I have a class or something."

"No classes today," interrupted the girl, Finn. "Amora Valentina is delivering mail, Chroma's in meetings, and all the teachers are doing
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something else."

"Sweet!" Moon shouted, and he began to change back into a dog.

"Bye," Sunny called as she and Moon walked out the door.

"Bye," Finn replied, and she turned back to the simulator.

As soon as Sunny and Moon turned the corner, Amora Valentina ran into the huge room. Its steel walls were very tall and every noise echoed.

"Where's Sunny?" Amora sputtered. "She's...she's…"

"She's what?" Finn was on the edge of her seat. Amora almost never had news.

"She got a new assignment," Amora said solemnly. "Somewhere along the Daylight Way."
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