Kickoff written by CowieBeth

The Horrible Truth

Where are you, who are you, why are you here?

You hear a violent, disturbed scream. You have no clue where you are or why you’re here. You have two choices, scream for help or observe your surroundings. You decide that the best course of action is to observe your surroundings, that way you’ll know if you’re actually in any sort of danger. You figure looking around may provide you with some sort of tool for protection, just in case.

You slowly open your eyes and realize that you are in a padded room. White pads surround you. The room isn’t in good condition at all, the pads on the ceiling are peeled back ever so slightly. The floor’s padding is worn down to a thread, someone has obviously been pacing around the room. The wall’s padding has an oddish green tint to it, strange. Very strange.

You check your surroundings one more time, again the floor, walls, and roof. As you re-examine the roof you notice that there’s a metal grate hidden beneath the padding. It’s barely showing, due to the fact that the roof isn’t peeled back
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enough to see much of it. You, suddenly, begin to wonder if the padding didn’t peel back from old age and wonder if someone, or something, peeled it back themselves.

You hear another blood-curdling shriek. This one filled with more pain and agony than the last. You fear for your life, due to the fact that you’ve never heard anything or anyone manages to make a sound so full of pain, so full of torture, yet so wishful for death. The screams continue for what seems to be hours, wishing you could help this person, but knowing that there are endless possibilities of what you could be dealing with.

You notice that there’s a door beside you, you wonder why you didn’t notice it before. Maybe you were just blinded by panic or overlooked it, right? Are you really that blind or did you seriously miss this giant metal door right beside you? No, you didn’t miss this. You know that there’s no way you could’ve missed such a key detail in your escape.

You hear heavy footsteps by the door.
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Must be from someone coming. You act as if you’re still knocked out cold. Someone inserts a key from the other side and you listen quietly as they huff and puff. Finally, they manage to push the door open and your heart jumps from eighty to a hundred. Your heartbeat is so loud that you fear they can hear it.

It comes in, you don’t open your eyes and your breath stops. You hear the padding strain underneath the weight of the creature and feel yourself slowly slide toward it, due to the fact that the floor couldn’t take this heavy of a weight. You squeeze your eyes shut tighter than ever before as you slowly exhale all the air you held in your lungs.

The tension is released as you feel the creature exit the room, leaving behind a horrid stench that smelt of rotting bodies and old, dry blood. You slowly open your eyes as the door shuts. You open your eyes and search your surroundings again, just to make sure. You release all of the air your body was holding and your hands become
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The creature left me food? Your stomach growls, you’ve been so distracted by everything that you didn’t realize you were hungry. You come to your senses and become fully aware of the condition your body is in. You slowly crawl over to the cotton colored bowl. You, somehow, manage to crawl to the bowl and you look inside.

A sloppy-like red liquid is held within the bowl. It boils and bubbles and you hear screams of terror and fright come from out the depths of the bowl.

“Save us, save us please!” You hear the bowl, or the creatures scream.

What the? You’re so confused, startled in fact. You wonder why the bowl has spoken to you. Despite the fact that the bowl seems to be alive, you drink the slop anyways. You know you’ll need your strength for the rough times to come.

You once again look back at the door. Wait a minute, where’s the door?
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