Kickoff written by BookFace

Alien Homeworld

Predator VS Alien spin-off set in future

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“Montaine, Jesus fuck I aint dying so some crime lord can have some peace of mind tonight!” Kevin gripped tightly to the piloting controls of his ship.
There was a loud noise and a proximity alarm sounded. Montaine observed the situation as calmly as he could from his prison cell. Evidently, though the bounty hunter had taken every precaution, the syndicate may have found him. Whether by the judgment of galactic government or the law of his own people Montaine would be executed. After all the lives he had taken he no longer cared for judgment. In his mind there was no penance. He never wanted to become a monster.
In a cigarette infected throaty voice Montaine spoke with hints of a French accent. “Misuere I dun care.” He cared, not for his own life but for Kevin’s. The kid was bounty hunter scum for sure, but something about him reminded Montaine of himself back when he was young and being a bad guy meant you only had to act like a rogue and act fearless sometimes.
The ship shuttered
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this time and Kevin looked at the tactical readouts. Not too far from there locations was a small planet surrounded by an oddly dense debris ring.
A bead of sweat dripped down Kevin’s forehead.
“Hold on tight Montaine,” shouted Kevin. “We’re gona loose this ass hole!” He repositioned himself in his seat and change his approach vector utilizing thrusters to drastically change the orientation of the ship. “Alright… fancy dance…” he mumbled excitedly.
Montaine implied with his cold expressionless face that he was rolling his eyes.
The other enemy ship came in hot matching maneuvers with ease but not firing.
“What the hell?!” thought Kevin out loud. “This guy just fuckin with us?”
“Perhaps…” replied Montaine solemnly. “If dis opponat is a cat…. Then we finne the mous hole queek.”
Kevin didn’t much care for his bounty Montaine at the moment but he agreed with him one hundred percent. “Alright then. Let’s play asshole.”
Kevin performed a series of aerial acrobatic tricks with his ships
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diving in and out of rock and frozen debris clusters. Like death itself the other ship followed them with a steady ominous presence firing one shot after the other; always close to hitting Kevin’s ship but just barely missing each time.
“Damnit this guy has us dead to rights?!” yelled Kevin curious why the other pilot hadn’t blown them up.
“Hees anuther hunter” thought Montaine out loud as his eyes turned to slits.
Kevin looked at Montaine briefly. “Ahh shit Montaine I think you’re right!” A flash of anger crossed over Kevin’s face briefly. “Hate fuck heads like this! Aint got no code!”
“Shut the fuck up Montaine!” Kevin took his ship for an insane inverse loop-d-loop and played an impulsive game of chicken with his shadowy opponent.
Both ships narrowly avoided each other and passed within centimeters of one another. Kevin got a very good look at the other ship and a sinking feeling dragged his soul way down into some dark place. Montaine had only glanced the enemy vessel
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from bad vantage place within his cell, but it was enough to know instinctively that they were not being pursued by the police, the syndicate, or probably even another bounty hunter.
“….” Kevin was speechless and scared. Kevin never got scared… at least when combat was involved.
“Focis misuere… foe-kis…”
“Right” Kevin took a breath in and felt a surge of fresh adrenaline enter his body. Staying alive was the only option.
But suddenly, as if in response, another alarm went off.
Kevin’s eyes went wide. “SHIT!!!”
Montaine in his wisdom didn’t need to ask any questions. He knew when prey had been cornered. Thinking back on his life, it shocked him that he should suddenly see the word “regret” so clearly. He never wanted to be a murderer. Salvation was gone, and retribution was here.

p.s. (good luck to the next writer)
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