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The Frog Prince

Brothers Grimm - Translation Lucy Crane (1886)

it is such a disaster father!"

"Oh dear. Oh dear. What is with my children and cursed animals? First, your older sister with a toad. Then your second eldest sister with a beast with a talking candle. Who took me captive, mind you. Now you." moaned the King.

"Father? What shall I do? I never thought he would actually want me to be his companion." cried the Princess.

"Bring him in and keep your promises. It's only right that you do." said the King.

"OH father! Must I? Can't I not give him a big treasure and send him on his way?" asked the Princess.

The King shook his head and said, "If you don't do ask he requests then we will have a terrible curse upon us."
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"But Father." begged the Princess.

"No buts! Now go!" commanded the King.

The Princess detested the idea of having to do anything with that slimy, bugged eyed frog. So she let him in and she decided to makes him regret asking her for that promise.

She went down the long hallway to the
door and let the frog in. Reluctantly.

The frog came inside and together they walked back to the dinning hall. Once she was seated and the frog next to her. She called for a servant and asked for scalding hot and salty soup.

When the soup arrived, she pretended to drink some of the soup and gave some the frog to drink some.
Crying, the Frog exclaimed, "It is so hot and the salt burns me so! Is this how you eat every day?"

"Yes, I am afraid so. In our kingdom, it's common to have hot and salty soup for dinner." replied the princess
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