Kickoff written by jaycee04

THE TOWƎЯ (part 8)

Every small town hides a secret...

Luke’s lips pressed together tightly, lost in thought about that woman. Thankful that they weren’t stopping at that house.

A flashing red light from the radio tower pierced through the sky and almost instantly, a chilly breeze violently tugged at Luke’s vest.

Christopher stopped, his body stiffening. He shut his eyes tightly and softly rubbed his temples.

Another pulse of red emanated from the tower. Luke’s stomach dropped with dread as if he were on a rollercoaster. He quickly grabbed onto his chest and began to wheeze. Then, as another blinking red light emanated, everything went silent. The only noise came from the swish of trees.

Luke slowly turned around to see the old lady and her husband who went stiff. Their glazed eyes stared past Luke, their expressions blank. Luke was rooted to the spot, his chest began to tighten up, and he began coughing.

Christopher was groaning, his hands were practically holding up his head, almost as if he was fighting something that was trying
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to take control of him.

Luke’s eyes blinked rapidly. The muscles in his chest constricted uncontrollably. When he looked behind him, everyone on the street stood silently still, all unnervingly staring in the same direction. The strange man who was once patting the younger man’s shoulder, stood frozen, motionlessly gazing in the same direction. The younger couple stood there, looking confused and panic stricken.

Luke turned to what everyone was staring at…The radio tower. Those blinking lights made his insides turn with uncertainty. Christopher’s groans were persistent and the only other noise came from Luke’s coughing, which was growing more intense. His hands trembled as he reached into his front pocket. All those people looked hauntingly paralyzed, lifeless…Luke pulled out his inhaler, aggressively shook it and shut his eyes. He exhaled before placing the mouth piece in his mouth. He pressed down on the canister, continuing to inhale. His chest began to expand and his coughing ceased.
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He removed the inhaler from his mouth, breathing more easily.

“Luke!” Christopher called out. His voice reverberated inside Luke’s head. “Luke!” It rung so loud as it rushed through his body and shook his soul.

Luke turned toward Christopher…But everything was normal now. The older couple sat on their rocking chairs on their porch chattering away with one another as if nothing had happened. The older man, who was in conversation with the younger couple, was still patting the man’s shoulder. That man and his wife, clearly terrified, looked around in discomfort.

“Is everything okay there?” The older man asked, with a puzzled look on his face.
The young couple turned to each other clearly mortified by something they both just witnessed.

“Are you okay?” Christopher questioned Luke with an anxiousness in his tone, “Luke are you hurt?”

Luke, clearly in shock, slowly shook his head no.

Christopher swung around, staring at the wooded area where he believed he had seen the figure.
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But it was gone…. He gazed at the trees for a minute as he pulled the white bottle from his jean’s pocket and unscrewed the lid, popping a pill into his mouth. “It seems to be getting worse now.” He turned, staring at the tower…

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