Kickoff written by jaycee04

THE TOWƎЯ (part 4)

Every town ʜibɘƨ a secret...

The lines on Ryan King's face were prominent and his glasses pressed squarely against his dull blue eyes. The front of his greasy, short grey hair was thinning, and what was left of it was combed to the side. He wore an olive green jacket over a white t-shirt with faded blue denim jeans…

“Trick or Treat” Luke smiled, holding out his bag.

“Hey there” The man spoke beady-eyed. “What’s your name?”

“Luke” He grinned, “What’s yours?” “My name is Ryan.” Luke noticed Ryan’s eyebrows were clusters of grey hair with streaks of brown, the color that they once were.

Ryan scanned Luke from head to toe, head faintly tilting. “Are you dressed as Marty McFly? From Back to the Future?”

“Yes, I am” Luke simpered.

Ryan remarked, “You did a great job, you look just like him. ”

Luke beamed.

Ryan looked down at the hover-board, “Oh wow ” He turned to Luke, fighting intense curiosity.

“Go ahead” Luke nodded his head. “I hope he won’t look at it too long.” He thought to himself apprehensively.

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be back around 9:30…” Christopher nodded his head emphatically. “Yes, he’ll be safe with me. I promise-” He replied, frowned and his face turned rigid. The muscles around his mouth tensed up. “Do you not trust me?”

Ryan examined the “hover-board” flipping it over in his hands, his expression bemused and impressed. Head tilted, he looked back down at Luke, “Did you make this too?”

“No,” Luke shook his head, “My brother did. He’s very good at making things. He has containers full of supplies for his projects.”

“I’m sure.” Ryan remarked intently as he watched Luke. “My son Harold would have wished for one of these in a heartbeat as a kid. He loved Back to the Future growing up. He would collect those little action figures of the characters…His favorite was McFly. I remember he saved up his allowance for months to buy one of those DMC De Lorean collectibles. The time machine car they used in the movies.”

Lukes eyes flickered into focus, he had always wanted one of those. Not the cheap
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ones that you could find on Wish for under $15 or those Hot Wheels, but the ones that were made as collectibles. He had very few of those.

Ryan stopped and questioned, “Do you like collecting…” He paused “cars?”

“Very much” Luke replied earnestly.

Ryan simpered, “Well you’ll like this…Harold’s eleventh birthday was coming around and I did a lot of searching and you won’t believe what I found.”

“What” Luke wondered, a genuinely curious…His head seem to tilt in closer toward Ryan.

“We found him a rare DMC DeLorean collectible, and signed on the hood by Marty McFly himself. Only a couple thousand were made if I think. A little on the expensive side if you ask me, but since it would be his only gift, we decided to get it for him.”

“What did he say when he opened it?”

Ryan chuckled, his head slowly inclined closer to Luke’s. “He nearly dropped the box from excitement when he tore it open. I had to grab it, before it fell and shattered. I think any kid who liked those movies would’ve
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killed for something like that.” Ryan gazed at Luke’s face, “I think you surely would.”

“Did he keep it?” Luke questioned with curiosity. He had never seen one of those in person, only heard about them from videos he saw online.

“For a long time he did…” Ryan remarked, “He displayed it in its case on the top of his car collection. He dusted it every Saturday and insisted on showing it off to anybody that came over. It gave him confidence to start a conversation with others, made him feel proud to own something very few had.” Ryan exhaled, “But over the years he lost interest in it and let it collect dust. But you know what? When he moved out of our place, he must’ve left it here by mistake. I found it in his closet, safely stored away.

Luke wondered if it was still in this house, the house he was standing on the front steps of…

“I cleaned it of its dust and displayed it in my living room next to my TV... Want to see it?"

“Sure” Luke answered.
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