Kickoff written by jaycee04

THE TOWƎЯ (part 2)

Every small town hides a secret...

He walked to the other side of the grand room, inching closer to the tall dark brown cabinet, and reached for the pack of markers. He examined the markers, trying to find one that matched perfectly.

After a few moments Luke came running through the hallway and into Christopher’s room, barely sidestepping past a red toy car. “How’s this?” He questioned, handing Christopher both markers.

“Hmm” Christopher closely examined, “It’s close enough.” He turned to the board, and filled in the words. Luke watched, almost holding his breath. “Well, it's done.” Christopher turned to him, handing the finished product over. Luke stared, silently.

“Thanks.” Luke softly said before wrapping his scrawny arms around him.

“Sure.” A comforting silence followed.

Christopher looked down at Luke, “Hey.”

Luke looked up at him.“I know you miss her. But she’s going to be ok. She’s going to be found, soon…” Christoper paused before adding. “Even if the police don’t find her.”

Luke gave a weak smile,
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but was silent for a few moments. He looked lost in thought, as if something was on the tip of his tongue, but then he pushed it out of his mind “When can we go trick or treating?” He asked, suddenly eager.

Christopher let go of Luke. “Let me put my stuff away first.”

Luke gave a quick smile, before running off. His noisy footsteps going down the hall before finally trailing off. Christopher placed the rolls of tape in a rectangular box before setting it in one of the drawers. His phone, which lay on his desk, loudly vibrated. Christopher picked the phone up.



“Christopher” A concerned woman’s voice came from the phone.“How’s Luke feeling?”

Christopher peered into the living room where Luke ambled. “Fine. He hasn’t been taking it very easy.”

“They were very close” She added, lost in thought.

“She was, yes…” Christopher replied tightly, his face shallow.

Luke sauntered through the living room, before something in the window caught his attention. He
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stepped closer. In the distance, surrounded by towering trees was a radio tower in the shape of a cone that slowly tapered at the top.

“Well….The supermarket seems to be crowded. I guess a lot of people are doing last minute candy shopping…” There was a stretched silence on the line. Christopher seemed to be holding his breath.

“Mom?” Christopher questioned, grinding his teeth together.

“Yes, sorry…What I’m trying to say is…” She inhaled deeply, beginning to speak faster, “Please be careful and look out for your brother-” Her sentence came to a charged halt followed by another strained silence. “I’m trusting you with Luke, taking him out Trick-Or-Treating while Rue’s…

“I know” Christopher remarked stiffly. “But he hasn’t been outside for a while now, just keeping himself locked up in his room. When I go in there to check up on him he turns his head to the wall, pretending he’s asleep. But I can hear him sniffling. He hasn’t been eating much either…Mom, he’s losing weight. I think
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getting him out of the house will help, make him feel better about all of this…”

“And I’m grateful you’re doing that for him. But if Rue’s kidnapper is-”

“Don’t assume the cause for her disappearance-” Christopher cut over her shortly before she did the same”

“But Christopher that doesn’t matter. The fact is she’s missing and the police haven’t figured out whether she wandered off or…” She breathed in heavily, “Just please take care of him. And tell him that I love him.”

“I will.”

“Okay, be safe… I love you.” She added more worried than loving.

“Love you too.” Christopher remarked thickly before hanging up, and glancing a set of keys and a white pill bottle that sat on his bedside table. He stopped, contemplated for a few moments, then grabbed the keys and bottle. He looked down at his watch, “7:33” then to Luke.

“Are you ready to go?”

Luke stood in front of the window, staring at the radio tower and the forest that encased it, his mind miles away...
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