Kickoff written by jaycee04

THE TOWƎЯ (part 1)

Every small town hides a secret...

The sun dipped below the horizon, shielded behind mountains of navy blue. Dense and slow moving fog, wrapped itself around the mountains and through the forest of trees. The sky above blushed with slate purple, tainted with grey clouds that promised damp October weather. It reflected onto the rippled, bottomless lake. Below the mountains, scattered through the evergreens, were homes, the small town of Ashbourne, and engulfed in more trees, stood a radio tower radiating crimson.

Leaves scattered across a stone driveway, leading up to an ample home. It sat on top of a stubby hill, surrounded by many trees. The home’s white and grey tones were complimented by the chestnut trim, which encased every door and window. Completing the look was a worn brick red step, and in front, two bulky pumpkins, perched to the right of a Prussian blue front door.

Light streams onto the almond colored walls of a triangular shaped room. A handsome and skinny boy clearly in his later teen years, named Christopher,
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sat at his desk working away at a skateboard. Taped to the wall, which was at an incline, were notes on different colored papers, occasional doodles, a to-do list and photos of people, one of them showing a man walking through a forest. Some pictures hung slanted overtime, from cheap adhesive. Christopher’s desk was covered in rolls of duck tape and glue sticks, along with the disassembled trucks and wheels of a skateboard. Carefully, he plastered striking colors of tape in pink, purple, white, blue and green duck tape to the board at different angles. He grabbed two circular pieces of cardboard, both, covered in purple tape, and with his glue gun, glued them both to the bottom of each side of the wheel-less skateboard.

In a room to the right, a much younger boy, who went by the name “Luke” quickly buttoned up his checkered shirt. He briskly put on a denim jacket one size too big and darted past a wooden shelf that held a steadily growing collection of tiny cars, to his closet. Rummaging
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through his shoes, he pulled out a dirt stained pair. This room was smaller than the other. The walls were a shade of Luluworth Blue and held two Back to the Future posters along with a photo of Luke and girl with braided brunette. The faded red curtains hid most of the window behind it. Rays of fading light barely shown through, leaving the room illuminated mostly by an artificial glow. Luke put his dirt smeared with dirt shoes on, before grabbing hold of a sleeveless ski vest from the closet and stuffed a blue inhaler in his pocket which lay on his bed. He stumbled out of his room, and into the other.

“Is it done yet?” Luke tautly asked, appearing beside Christopher.

Christopher grinned, “Hey Marty McFly.” and rummaged through a drawer to his left. “No, not yet.” He pulled out a cardinal red marker, filling in the outline of the words. “HOVER BOARD” However, the markers already faded color, quickly dried out. He sighed before opening another drawer, searching through a variety of
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“Have you heard from Mom and Dad?” Luke questioned.

“Still at WinCo Foods.” Christopher replied. His attention was on the board.

“Oh.’’ Luke watched tensely, shifting his focus from the white bottle next to Christopher, which read in bold white letters, “TYLENOL” to the window…Where from out of corner a tower stood.

“Can you go look through the brown cabinet for a marker like this?” Christopher placed the marker in the young boy’s fragile hands. “You know, the one in the dining room?”
“O-okay” Luke stuttered, before stepping out of the room.
The hallway led to an extensive room, a living room and dining room divided by a fireplace made of rough stones. The milky-white arched ceiling had a large window, which was also divided down the middle. Luke studied the marker, while stepping past the window, where a red car shuffled by in the back-ground along with several children dressed in costumes.
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