Kickoff written by Jaisy



I now entered the room to sleep. I laid down and start to think about my young days when I used to be as happy as a lark. Those days in which my family was still with me. We used to have so much fun together. I could still remember the last celebration we had together of Divali. It was the most amazing day of my life. Soon after my family and I came to South-America and settled down. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. Unfortunately, we got bad news sometime after, from one of my dad’s friends. Who sent him a video of my family hanging dead, as I was watching the video I was so scared of watching it. My tears flowed out of my eyes like a river. I was filled with depression and anxiety. Just by looking at it, I was assuming that it’s a murder. They were forcefully lead to it. The cloth was forcefully stuffed into their mouth and they were lead to death. But I kept my patience and trust that they were not dead, because I saw no proof, except for people's opinions and videos.
Eventually the
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bright sun, into my eyes disturbing all my thoughts, and the loud noises my parents and brother, made me wake up. I went downstairs quietly and sat down, took a look at the time, and realized that I was late for work. OMG! OMG! Help me, I rushed into the washroom, took a shower, got ready, and went straight into my car. Drove to my hospital, I remembered I had extra surgeries for today. During my day in the hospital, I heard a case, where 11 people were considered to committee suicide. That case reminded me of my family again, as they were hanging and others claimed it a suicide. After spending my whole day in the hospital, I went back home. As I reach home, I sat in front of my fan, cool breeze, and that annoying sound as normal. Then I went to eat my food since I was starving the whole day. As I finish eating I went straight ahead to my bed, to sleep. I always agreed on one statement by me that the bed is heaven after a long day of work.
The next day, I woke up, as I was now
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about to leave my room to go downstairs, my phone rang, and I got a call from my friend, about a case, which once again reminded me about my family, but then my friend said that it’s hard for him to investigate the matter so he needs help from me. I agreed to help him. I got ready and went to his house, to help him out, after me looking at some proofs and statements on the case, it was clear that it was suicide. Soon after I told asked him about my family, he said that it was clearly a murder but the police closed the case, since the people of the community and the family members did not speak up of the ones who died. I forced him to re-open the case, and I will stand up for it. But he said he does not have that much power. I nodded and went back home. Few minutes passed and an idea popped into my head, I rushed by phone and called my friend. I asked him to start a private investigation on the case, he agreed. We both made a specific place to investigate, and collected some information
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about it. Since it was in Burari, India, we both went there and asked others on the topic. Some of them seemed to be extremely afraid of telling us the truth or even their own opinions.
The strange thing about investigating there was that, people said one (same exact) statement over and over to us. Not even a word was changed. But we made sure, to not point it out to others, and keep it secret. We even got some pictures of them hanging, their mouth stuffed with clothes and their feet touching the ground (which made it clear that it was not suicided because when you committee suicide your foot is rising at a level). We pointed out every single point that made it clear that it was not a suicide. Others also said that their spirits (ghosts) arrive every night, and haunts their children (which was clearly a random rumour to me). So we both spent a whole night together in front of the house, but we were okay and alive. Soon later we also noticed that in Burari, many have d
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