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Next Door

Who's living next door?

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I invited my friends to my new apartment to have dinner and decided to watch a movie after we ate. The scenes in the movie were very thrilled and my best friend suddenly screamed. We heard a knock on the wall from my neighbor's room telling us that were too loud and it's already 1 in the morning. I tried to check on them by the next day to ask for an apology, but it seems that no one's home.

A week passed and my friends decided to have a sleepover on my apartment for our next month's exam. Before we went to sleep, one of my friend accidentally knock over the vase on the table. We then heard a bang on the wall again from someone next door.

After the exam, they decided to stay in my place again to celebrate. They brought drinks and CDs for our movie marathon. We started partying around 8 pm after dinner, every little noise we made, we always hear a knock on the wall. We also played card games and my other friends started singing just to annoy my neighbor. We stayed up late and ignored
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all the knocking and banging sounds from the wall next door. I wanted to have some fresh air so I went up to the window to open it. When I was about to open it, I was startled to see a lot of hand prints through my glass window.

We started to feel scared that someone next door might have been watching us through the window. By the next morning, I talked to our landlady about what happened and asked about the person living next to my apartment. I started having goosebumps when she told me that no one is living next door. After that, I called one of my friends to help me pack my things and move out of my apartment.
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